Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Wednesday 10 February 2015

What, more rain?  Alas yes   9 degrees

Miss Tea was waiting with her mates outside the big Hotel.  The rain had corralled them into the shelter of the wrought iron fan porch.  They leaped into the car and we drove about 300 metres before parking and haring over the bridge and into the apartment block.

There was a smell of cat pee which was not hidden by the recent mopping of the staircase.  Newspaper was liberally distributed, evidently to stop people sliding about.  Miss Tea and her mates were not familiar with this practice.  Something my mother used to do as well.  Had a pang.  How long it is since she went and shuffled off this mortal coil. 

Up the stairs and into the flat which is as black as pitch as the owner has helpfully removed all the light bulbs.  Throw open the double glazed windows to reveal a flat with living room, kitchen, bathroom with loo, bedroom and front balcony overlooking the church with the scary crack and the raging river.  We were there a while, during which they went out onto the balcony and didn't plunge to their deaths whilst I enjoyed a little vandalising of the peeling wallpaper.  Five layers of garish flowers, topped by a little paint.  Nice.  They were not too impressed, I was relieved to discover.  The mates then went back to their never ending painting and we went back to the flat over the shop.  She definitely preferred this and made an offer and signed it.  Excellent.  Just hope she doesn't change her mind when she gets back home.  The river had come right up and was nearly at the front door but it didn't put her off.....

OH meanwhile, had been out with Mr Chips and his fiancée and had shown them a couple of houses in town which Mr Chips had seen on a previous visit.  He thought the Belle Epoque town house could be a real runner.  I think Mr Chips is still very keen on the chateau with the ghastly renters.

Went back down town and got the owner of the flat to sign the offer.  Bitterly cold and lashing with rain.

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