Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Tuesday 5 January 2016

Substantial amounts of rain
10 degrees

Am conscious, even before being properly conscious, that there is something wrong with my head.  A dull ache and churning stomach.  A cup of tea turns out not to be a good idea and I sip some water and go back to sleep.  OH comes in and is about to get into bed with me and I say, I have been violently sick, and he reverses out of the room and makes himself breakfast.  Why oh why do I have an 11 am appointment.  9.30 drag myself out of bed and have a bath and some more sips of water and ask OH to look in the medicine box for something appropriate.

He tips the whole thing out on the kitchen table and starts rummaging round. The dog thumps the door open and comes in with a fierce draft in his wake.  OH is in the kitchen saying, will diarrhoea tablets do?  He produces a packet, on which he has written 'poo'.  In his other hand, he has Paracetamol.  I try the latter but it doesn't stay down so I get dressed and go down town and walk around a little and feel like hell.

My client arrives with her friend and we do the revisit on the flat and then they need coffee so sit outside a bar and have big cups of very strong smelling coffee and someone is smoking and the odour is ghastly and I smile and say 'just have to pop to the loo'.  The loo is horrible....  My client's friend then says the flat we have just seen is a lot smaller and not as well organised in terms of space and the balconies are narrower.  On the other hand, there are fewer stairs.  I am aghast at the negative comments and can see that my client is starting to lose her fizz but feel too ill to do anything about it so book them into a restaurant to chew the fat and the menu of the day and go home and to bed, where I sleep soundly, despite OH and RJ stacking wood for a good three hours in the rain, and my nose being icily cold.  Oh for a house with central heating.

All too soon, it is 4pm and I get a Whatsapp message asking how much the other flat in the building sold for.  I ring the owner and he says 83000.  The client then comes back with an offer of 72000 which the owner accepts so I say I will be around at 6 pm when (please God) my stomach would have stopped churning.  Sat on sofa.  RJ had decided to make BBQ pork with chili.  The fumes from the kitchen made me throw up particularly violently.  Instructed OH to make me toast and not to burn it and, yes, I did want some butter on it.  Surprisingly it stayed down and I then had two cups of tea and, starting to feel human again, down town to sign the offer and gain buyer details.  Drank Lady Grey tea and ate biscuits and no thanks, no more rosé!!

Back home and the BBQ pork was now smelling good.  Watched bizarre film called The Others with Nicole Kidman.  Rather slow but interesting twist at the end.  

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