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Saturday 30 January 2016

Cool and showery 11 degrees

I am taking a more relaxed approach to the blog this year.  Last year, I posted every day and frankly, when there was not a lot going on, it was a bit of a strain to find something interesting to put before you, dear readers.

Anyhow, this week has been very quiet work wise.  I have decided to put some vintage buttons on Etsy and see if they work and resisted publishing last year's blog under my real name.  My references to clients as duplicitous bastards may be taken badly....  The lady suggested that I could open the book with the words, 'I hate clients'....  I dont actually hate all my clients.  Some of them I love and enjoy their company, especially after they have bought.  Some of them pop up into my thoughts, in dark and low moments, and replay their words and actions.

On Monday I spoke to the client who is still thinking about the chateau with the terrifying amount of work and he said he would give me an offer this week.  As at this morning, I am still waiting.  

OH has pressed on with the small rental unit and I spent yesterday scrubbing the floor and fuming at the noise from the so called gypsies who have been given a house by the Mairie, right in the heart of the town, and spend their time laughing, smoking and watching telly.  Seven of them in there and not a one of them works.  My ire got a lot of the crap off the floor.  Laziness makes me mad.

Also spent a lot of the week trying to get in contact with the kids.  RJ (eldest) who is supposed to be moving jobs at the end of February, and for whom I have searched out jobs and written to consultants, is now not answering his phone, or email, or FB, or Skype or Voxer, or messages left at the hotel.  WF (youngest) has to move out by the end of February and I dont know if he has got anything sorted either.  Why the sodding hell cant they answer their telephones, or deign to send me a message.  I should have had girls.  It looks like relaxed attitude to blog has yet to creep into real life.

OH has taken to looking at property in the UK again, for investment purposes, and still thinks Windermere would be very good idea.  Problem is that Winderemere houses are about 225000 pounds.  We could do with finding something at about 180000 pounds which needs renovating.  OH finds a lovely house in Arnside but that is not near enough to the heart of the Lakes, so we look on.  He informs me (again) that I need to sell the rental units.  Oh, is that all.  That old cherry.  I will knit some buyers over the weekend.

How about some more photos from Pamplona, I hear you ask.  Go on then....

8 am and the town is sleeping

there were still people partying upstairs...

broken hearts

medieval banana eater

grotesque mistakes bulls leg for banana

fab graffitti

more fab graffitti

setting up for the day

too early to find a hangover cure

anyone for a religious figure or doll?

yet more fab graffitti

still too early for hangover cure

just in case the last shop didnt have enough religious figures

even the church was closed

steps up to the main square

is that a bull I see behind me?

oh crap!

delightful view of crane, old chap

bull searches for contact lens

you think of a caption for this one....

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